I made this recipe for Memorial Day Weekend, barbecue is a perfect meal to start summer and this was easy to make. Of course I substituted Honey for the Brown Sugar. I also added 3 tbls Honey (best guess since I just “squeezed the bottle”) to the barbecue sauce on the last step, and cooked the sauce down until it was a thick consistency.

Robin and Jimmy Rider are vendors at the Madison County VA Farmers Market selling the most tender, flavorful, grass-fed beef. Robin tempts us with her samples at the market and it never fails I have to run home and cook her latest tasty offering.

Oh, and the Riders farm is my out yard with several bee hives, Jimmy told me he enjoys watching the bees as he works the field.

5# Boneless Chuck Roast from Rider’s Backfield Farm
4-5 slices bacon-minced
2 medium onions minced
2 TBS chili powder
1 TBS sweet paprika
1.5 cups of ketchup; preferably without fructose corn syrup type
1.5 cups brewed coffee
1/4 cup Honey (I substituted Honey in place of brown sugar)
2 TBS spicy brown mustard
1TBS hot sauce-your choice
1 TBS cider vinegar
1 tsp liquid smoke-get the kind without fructose corn syrup
Salt and pepper

Cook bacon over medium heat until crisp-about 5 min. Mince in skillet. Stir in onions, chili powder and paprika and cook until onions are softened and lightly browned-about 8-10 minutes. May need to add a bit of olive oil to keep browning.

Stir in ketchup, coffee, sugar and ONE TBS of the mustard and simmer until mixture is thickened and measures about 4 cups-about 10 min. Transfer 2 cups of sauce to slow cooker. Reserve the remaining mixture and refrigerate.

Remove the strings from the chuck roast; quarter the roast(s) and nestle on top of the mixture in the slow cooker. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and place slow cooker on low for 8-9 hours in a (newish cooker) or 9-10 hours in an (older cooker.)

Transfer beef to a cutting board and let rest for about 5 min to cool; let the juices settle in slow cooker and remove any fat from surface with large spoon or ladle. Using 2 forks shred the beef finely; removing any unwanted fat. Cover to keep warm with foil. Transfer the settled juices to a sauce pan.

Place pan on low and simmer for about 20-30 minutes until thickened. Whisk in reserved ketchup mixture, hot sauce, vinegar and remaining ONE TBS of mustard as well as liquid smoke. Continue on simmer. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

In large bowl, place the shredded beef. Add all the liquid and stir well. Serve on toasted buns with sides of your choice. Enjoy!……………………………………adapted from Cook’s Illustrated