Wild Hive in Locust Tree

Bee Tree

I received a call and the e-mailed picture in this blog from an employee of Early Mountain Winery about bees in a hollow base of a Locust tree. The tree was part of a stand that was being cleared to prevent an infestation of Grape Berry Moths. Was there anyway I could come over and look […]

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Etlan Hives blown over

Blown Away

Friday night a weather phenomenon called a derecho, a straight-line windstorm associated with fast-moving thunderstorms, happened in our neck of the woods. Of course blown over trees was the most common casualty from the windstorm, but not the only casualty. We had a strong hive with 3 honey supers and a smaller hive that was […]

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Pomegranate soap ingredients

The Newest Soap – Pomegranate and Aloe

I just made up a test batch of a new soap at the request of someone I recently met. The story behind this request is the lady I met had a friend who did not survive her breast cancer. But during her treatments, the friend was making her own soap using pomegranate, which is supposed […]

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grafting larvea

I’m running a nursery….for bees

In my last post I described the technique and process for grafting larvae in an artificial queen cup. I was fairly successful from my last graft……so now I’m grafting for the 3rd time this year. The hive I’m using for the larvae is a swarm I caught back in April, and requeened with one of […]

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Queen Cells on a Grafting Frame

It’s all about the Queens (bees)

Today I pulled queen cells that I grafted on Wednesday from the starter nuc. I started grafting and raising my own queen bees as a way to break my dependency on buying package bees every year and to breed for a gentle bee, a trait I REALLY value. I took a class from Dr. Larry […]

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Working the hives

In the beginning......

Haywood Honey started with 2 packages of bees and a lot of enthusiasm. It took only a little convincing to persuade Ralph to go along with Shirley’s newest hobby. Now 10 years later, the enthusiasm hasn’t slacked up and we’re more involved than ever. We keep 15-20 hives in Madison VA, at the foothills of […]

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Our Website has Launched!

Thanks to TinFig Studios our website is now live!  Take a look around, and check back often as we continue to make updates and upload more of our fine products.

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